480+ Attend 2017 End-of-Season Trophy/Pizza Party

2017 END OF SEASON TROPHY/PIZZA PARTY:  Many thanks to the Lutheran Church of Hope for again allowing us to use the church’s Bridge Room.  Some 480+ attended our end-of-the season party on October 14.  All seemed to like the 2017 video–copies will be available for purchase in the spring.

We recognized all of our coaches and assistant coaches by bringing them ALL up on stage and presenting them with a plaque.  THANK YOU, coaches!

For the first time, our two adult teams, the Pirates and the Tigers, attended enmasse.  Welcome!

And every player received his/her trophy for the 2017 year.  If you DIDN’T attend and don’t have your trophy, please contact your coach.

Too bad nobody was hungry!  Ha.  We devoured 94 pizzas, 1000 cookies, chips, veggie and fruit trays, and drinks.  Anything leftover we took to Central Iowa Shelter downtown.  Not a crumb was wasted.

It was a fun event.  And a great 2017 year.  See you all next spring!



8.18.18    11:15 am