Friendly “Mother Nature”

2018:  Mother Nature has been tough on us during our spring/summer season.  We’ve had to cancel one full day or games plus three afternoons due to extreme heat.  and we cancelled our “away” games in Ankeny due to storms.  July game days are turning out to be ok!  We have a special event August 10, two “All Star” games; otherwise, we’ll see all on August 25 when we open our fall season.

2017:  Mother Nature has been very unpredictable this spring,  summer, AND fall of 2017.  Had to cancel several game days due to excessive heat.  Postponed our annual DMPD & FD Night THRICE because of the weather; ended up playing two ALL STAR games on 9/7.  Lovely evening…maybe we’ll schedule this event in September next year!  And now postponing our Halloween party from 10/10 to 10/12 due to rain, wind, and cold brrrr temps!

2016:  We’re been very fortunate the last several seasons–last fall we cancelled NO games because of weather.  And had a beautiful, crisp fall evening in mid October for our first-ever Halloween party in 2016.

 On the other hand, we’ve had some challenges on Saturday mornings just getting to the KML ball park–there have been all sorts of charity walks and runs that have closed streets around us, especially Martin Luther King Parkway, as well as heavy traffic/parking due to the Downtown Farmers Market.  SO much to do in Des Moines these days!


updated 7.21.18     8.15 AM