COVID Modifications – Spring 2021


The Kiwanis Miracle League is pleased to announce that we will play ball beginning in June with the following modifications to a “normal” season.  The modifications are in response to the Covid-19 pandemic and are our attempts to make playing as safe as possible during 2021.  We will begin with a modified schedule to test the waters and work out the issues. 

We will not require immunization for adults at the park.  However, all Players (who can and are able) and Adults will be required to wear a mask, Maintain Social Distance, and be attending “at their own risk”.

  1. General Organization
    1. Instead of “normal” teams, we will have “Pop-Up games”. These games are more like our All-Star games.  We envision 10-12 players sign-up (5 or 6 per dugout for social distancing–three on the bench and two or three chairs).  Each game of approximately 45 minutes, will have two dugout managers, an adult pitcher, an adult catcher, and two/three adult volunteers in the outfield to shag balls.  All will need to pre-register.
    2. Each game will have no more than two or three players on the field at the same time: a player at bat, one on deck, one running the bases. No other players on the field.
    3. There will be no volunteer “buddies”.
    4. Player scheduling will be done on-line through “” on a First-Come, First-Served basis, based on available timeslots. Players can sign up for only one game per game-day.
    5. Additionally, no buddies except immediate family members, or caregivers from the same household. Only two adults can accompany a player inside the park.  Others may stand/sit outside the outer fence.
    6. Everyone will be temperature checked as they enter through the main gate at the Player Registration table. If their temperature is above 100.3, they will be denied entrance.
    7. All ballpark entrants will be required to sign in for contact tracing purposes.
    8. To repeat: Everyone, especially the adults, is required to wear a mask while on premises.
    9. Bleacher seats will be taped off for social distancing.
    10. The restrooms will be open.
    11. Hand Sanitizing stations will be available.
    12. No water fountain and no water jugs in the dugouts. Players are encouraged to bring their own water bottle. If requested, we will provide a free bottle with their initials.
    13. Concession Stand will have a limited offering (wrapped items)—pop, water, candy bars, chips (no cooking)
    14. No merchandise sales.
    15. Regular Announcer will announce players and games; scoreboard will be used.
    16. All entries will be via the main gate. After their game, the families and players will EXIT using the “Back” gate past the Family Restroom to facilitate minimal contact. Majority of players from completed games will need to exit before allowing next players into the ballpark.
  2. Game / Player Organization
    1. We will use our “All Star” signs for the dugouts—players assigned at check-in.
    2. Each dugout will have a mask-wearing adult “Dugout Manager” to coordinate movements and attempt to maintain social distancing. “Dugout Managers” could be any of the adults who accompany their player(s).  A brief, bullet-pointed instruction sheet will be available to the volunteer Dugout Managers.
    3. Adult players will continue to have their own time slot and will not be co-mingled with the youth.
    4. Everyone in the dugout is socially distanced, and those players who can and will, must wear masks.
    5. The length of games will be approximately 45 minutes. With good adult pitching, should be enough time to permit several at-bats for each player.  If 15 minutes proves not to be enough time between games to do the cleaning, the game times may be reduced to 40 minutes.  The players can go around the bases if they are willing and able.
    6. A minimum number of bats will be used, and they will be wiped down after each use.
    7. Bleachers, dugouts, bats, & balls will be wiped down after each 45-minute game (assuming 15 minutes between games.
  3. Communication
    1. We will open registration for Coaches via SportsEngine on or about March 18th.
    2. We will open SportsEngine registration for Players on or about March 25th.
    3. Registration is required, using SportsEngine, from all Coaches and Players so we can get current contact information, regardless of whether playing or not.
    4. Once registered on SportsEngine, we will provide the link to, where families can select the time they wish to play, and volunteers can sign up as well.
    5. Our website,, will contain information about how the season will look, and how we will conduct the games once coaches and players have been notified.
    6. Players and Volunteers will see our general Covid release information on both SportsEngine and
  4. Scheduling Play on Game Days
    1. We will start by opening the first game of the day at 9 am to the Senior players.
    2. If the 9 am slot for Seniors fills quickly, we may add another slot for Seniors, at the end of the day.
    3. Initially, for Junior League play, we will only open slots to for the 10, 11 and 12 noon games. We may add more afternoon time slots if needed (1, 2, 3, 4 pm).


All of the above is subject to change as we closely monitor CDC, state, and local pandemic-related requirements.  We will do our best to keep all informed.


updated 4.5.21   11:45 AM

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