Our 2015 Fall Season is finally here.  It’s been a great day, albeit cloudy but not too warm..  Marlins gave the A’s a challenge, but no doubt will finished to a  strong tie.  Crowds have been enthusiastic.  The walking tacos are TERRIFIC!  And everyone loved the free popsicles!  Thanks to our buddy groups–Gilbert HS Football team, SE Polk Rams junior team, Wells Fargo Retail Services, Atlantic Kiwanis, and the Divas 4 Life.  Fun times!

June was “All Star Night” with the Iowa Barnstormers:  Our players had a dream fulfilled–they got to meet the Iowa Barnstormers?  Our All Star Night was June 3, and everyone had a blast!  We’ll have two games– 6 and 7 PM.  The score of the first game was 27 to 27.  And, , miraculously, that was the score of the second game!  Any player was eligible to play.  Each team had several KML coaches.  And the Barnstormers got to meet some very special kids!  Lots of our KML coaches and assistant coaches made the evening work.  Great fun all around.  And LOTS of “Kodak Moments”


updated 8.29.15    2:15 PM



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