Player SPRING 2023 Registration

Player Registration


Our SPRING season began Saturday, May 6th.  We’ll play FOUR Saturdays in May and FOUR Saturdays in June, ending June 24th.  

All kids with special needs who want to play ball on a non-competitive co-ed environment are eligible!   And if you’re a first time player,19 and over, you may be interested in playing on one of our adult teams.

TEAMS ARE FORMING FOR SPRING!!  Register NOW.  It’s not too late.

Here is the link to register for SPRING 2023.  Click or copy and paste into your browser:

If you are a new player, please register by April 1 to be assured of a personalized uniform on May 6th.  Registration continues beyond April 1, just with no assurance of a customized uniform on opening day.

Our goal?  As always, be as safe as possible.  And provide an environment where the kids can still have fun and play baseball.  Just remember that all of this is subject to change and/or adjustment as the weeks and months play out during these uncharted times.

Yes, we are finally paperless.  If you have difficulty or have questions about registering, please contact Jan Burch, president at

Let’s Play Ball!


If you’re not familiar with Miracle League, you may have questions.  We also continue to get questions as to how the Kiwanis Miracle League is like or different from the Pioneer League or the Challenger League which have been playing in Des Moines for many years.  Thanks to Jim Sanders, who is the director of the Pioneer League and a past member of the Kiwanis Miracle League Board of Angels, we have a comparison of the three leagues.  Please click on  2011 Comparison of Three Leagues for more information.

Please also know that we a separate entity from other Miracle Leagues in the area.  We are managed solely by volunteers under the Kiwanis name.  Our facility maintenance, concessions, registration, volunteers, teams, etc. are all completely separate as the KIWANIS MIRACLE LEAGUE AT PRINCIPAL PARK.

 If you have any questions, again, please contact Christy Nelson, player committee chair at or leave a message at 515.280.5017 (our Miracle League #).  We will get back to you.   Or email us at  

We continue to actively recruit team sponsors for our 2023 seasons.  Because of the generosity of our Team Sponsors, we again anticipate no cost for play in 2023.  If you know of a company or individual who might be interested in being a 2023 Team Sponsor, please let us know at  Further details are available here on our web site–just return to the home page and click on “Become a Team Sponsor”.

Kiwanis is all about kids–and what a great way to support kids and community through the Kiwanis Miracle League at Principal Park.  If you’re interested in more information about Kiwanis, please contact Jan Burch, president, Kiwanis Miracle League board of directors, at 515.457.7691 or


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