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Learn more about our progress, our sponsors, and our donors.  Our initial capital campaign was completed in 2008.  Our Ten-Year Anniversary Capital Campaign, started in 2018, has accomplished all three of its three phases with the KML Board working on Phase IV for 2024.  Amazing that we have been operational since 2008 with only the extended blip of COVID-19 pandemic to curtail our fun and activities in 2020 and 2021!

We continue to be a completely volunteer organization.  Kiwanis is all about serving kids.

And our KML newsletters provide great information about what we’re doing, who we’re serving, and how much fun we’re having! Happy reading!


The Lineup (May 2024).  Click here: KML NEWS MAY 2024


The Lineup/2023 Halloween Special Edition.  Click here: Hallween Special 2023

The Lineup (November, 2023).  Click here: KML-NEWS-NOV_23

The Lineup/2023 Spring Team Photos.  Click here:  Summer Special Issue_ Spring 2023 Team Photos

The Lineup (August, 2023).  Click here: KML-NEWS-AUG_23


Halloween Special (Fall, 2022). Click here: HALLOWEEN-ISSUE-2022

The Lineup (Fall, 2022).  Click here:  KML-NEWS-NOV_22

The Lineup (March, 2022).  Click here:  KML-NEWS-MARCH 2022

The Lineup (January, 2022).  Click here:  KML-NEWS_JAN-2022


The Lineup (July, 2021).  Click here:  KML_NEWS _ JULY 2021

The Lineup (March, 2021).  Click here:  KML NEWS MARCH 2021


The Lineup (December, 2016)  Click here: KMLNewsletterDecember2016

The Lineup (July, 2016)  Click here: KMLNewsletterJuly2016

The Lineup (April, 2016)  Click here: KMLNewsletterApril2016

Up with People Announcement (February, 2016)  Click here: KMLAnnouncemen5February2016


The Lineup (December, 2015)  Click here: KMLNewsletterDecember2015

The Lineup (September, 2015)  Click here: KMLNewsletterSeptember2015

The Lineup (April, 2015)  Click here:  KMLNewsletterApril2015

The Lineup (January, 2015)  Click here:  KMLNewsletterJanuary2015


Read the Special Ron Heggen Newsletter by Clicking HERE


The Lineup (February, 2013) Click here: KMLNewsletterFebruary2013

The Lineup (August, 2013)  Click here:  KMLNewsletterAugust 2013


The Lineup (April, 2012)  Click here: KMLNewsletterApril2012

The Lineup (August,  2012) Click here: KMLNewsletterAugust2012


The Lineup (March, 2011)  Click here:  KMLNewsletterMarch2011

The Lineup (May 2011)  Click here:  KMLLineupMay2011

The Lineup (September 2011)   Click here:  KMLLineUpSeptember2011

The Lineup (December 2011)  Click here: KMLNewsletterDecember2011


The Lineup (August, 2010) Click here:  KMLNewsletterAugust2010

The Lineup (December, 2010)  Click here:  MLDecember2010



Volume 1, Issue 1 (March 2008)

Volume 1, Issue 2, (July 2008)

Looking for volunteer opportunities in Des Moines?

Join in the fun at Kiwanis Miracle League. Visit our page for Volunteers today!


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