2011 Season


Visiting Team Listed First

Saturday, August 27
 9:00 AM
Marlins vs. A’s
Maid-Rite Day!
10:00 AM
Dodgers vs. White Sox
11:00 AM
Orioles vs. Phillies
12:00 PM
Royals vs. Twins
1:00 PM
Brewers vs. Red Sox
2:00 PM
Cards vs. Yankees
3:00 PM
Cubs vs. Mets
Sunday, August 28
8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Young Professionals (YPC) Wiffle Ball Tournament
Saturday, September 3
 Labor Day Weekend
Saturday, September 10
 9:00 AM
Cubs vs. Orioles
10:00 AM
Yankees vs. Phillies
11:00 AM
Dodgers vs. Marlins
12:00 PM
Twins vs. Mets
1:00 PM
A’s vs. Red Sox
2:00 PM
White Sox vs. Brewers
3:00 PM
Royals vs. Cards
Saturday, September 17
9:00 AM
White Sox vs. Phillies
10:00 AM
Brewers vs. Mets
11:00 AM
Royals vs. Cubs
12:00 PM
Twins vs. Cards
1:00 PM
Dodgers vs. Orioles
2:00 PM
Red Sox vs. Marlins
3:00 PM
A’s vs. Yankees
Saturday, September 24
9:00 AM
Marlins vs. Brewers
10:00 AM
Twins vs. Red Sox
11:00 AM
Phillies vs. Cards
12:00 PM
Cubs vs. White Sox
1:00 PM
Yankees vs. Orioles
2:00 PM
Mets vs. A’s
3:00 PM
Dodgers vs. Royals
Sunday, September 25
Noon – 9 PM (tentative)
2nd Annual Wiffle Ball Classic
Saturday, October 1
 9:00 AM
Cards vs. Orioles
10:00 AM
Cubs vs. Twins
11:00 AM
Marlins vs. White Sox
12:00 PM
Phillies vs. A’s
1:00 PM
Brewers vs. Dodgers
2:00 PM
Red Sox vs. Mets
3:00 PM
Yankees vs. Royals
Saturday, October 8
 9:00 AM
Cubs vs. Yankees
10:00 AM
Twins vs. Dodgers
11:00 AM
Mets vs. Royals
12:00 PM
Phillies vs. Brewers
1:00 PM
Marlins vs. Orioles
2:00 PM
A’s vs. Cards
3:00 PM
White Sox vs. Red Sox
Saturday, Oct. 15
 9:00 AM
Orioles vs. Twins
10:00 AM
Red Sox vs. Dodgers
11:00 AM
Mets vs. Marlins
12:00 PM
A’s vs. Brewers
1:00 PM
Cubs vs. Cards
2:00 PM
White Sox vs. Yankees
3:00 PM
Royals vs. Phillies
Sunday, Oct. 23
2:00 PM – 4:00 PM
At Lutheran Church of Hope
End-of-Season Trophy Party
    Our 2011 Spring Schedule

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Saturday, May 7 9:30 AM Opening Day Ceremonies
OPENING DAY 10:00 AM Orioles vs. A’s
11:00 AM Cardinals vs. Brewers
12:00 PM Noon Royals vs. Cubs
1:00 PM Phillies vs. Dodgers
2:00 PM Mets vs. Marlins
3:00 PM Yankees vs. Red Sox
4:00 PM White Sox vs. Twins
TO 7/2 
Saturday, May 21
 10:00 AM Twins vs. Marlins
 11:00 AM Royals vs. White Sox
 12:00 PM Noon Red Sox vs. Phillies
1:00 PM Yankees vs. Mets
2:00 PM
A’s vs. Dodgers
3:00 PM Cardinals vs. Cubs
4:00 PM Orioles vs. Brewers
 Saturday, May 28
 Memorial Day Weekend
 TO 7/9
Saturday, June 4 10:00 AM Phillies vs. Cubs
Official Visit of 11:00 AM White Sox vs. Yankees
Kiwanis International 12:00 PM Noon Red Sox vs. Orioles
1:00 PM Cardinals  vs. Marlins
 Special Ceremonies
2:00 PM Mets vs. Dodgers
3:00 PM Twins vs. Brewers
4:00 PM Royals vs. A’s
 Saturday, June 11 10:00 AM  Dodgers vs. Yankees
  11:00 AM  Orioles vs. Twins
12:00 PM Noon
 Mets vs. White Sox
1:00 PM A’s vs. Cubs
2:00 PM Brewers vs. Royals
3:00 PM Cardinals vs. Red Sox
4:00 PM Phillies vs. Marlins
 Tuesday, June 14
6:00 PM Twins vs. Marlins
 rescheduled from 5/21
7:00 PM Royals vs. White Sox
Saturday, June 18 10:00 AM Orioles vs. Mets
  11:00 AM Marlins vs. Yankees
 12:00 PM Noon   Dodgers vs. Cardinals
1:00 PM Cubs vs. Brewers
2:00 PM A’s vs. White Sox
3:00 PM Royals vs. Red Sox
4:00 PM Phillies vs. Twins
Saturday, June 25
 canceled – rain
10:00 AM Brewers vs. Red Sox
 canceled – rain
11:00 AM Mets vs. Cubs
 canceled – rain
12:00 PM Noon
 Cardinals vs. Yankees
1:00 PM Marlins vs. Dodgers
2:00 PM White Sox vs. Phillies
3:00 PM Twins vs. A’s
4:00 PM Orioles vs. Royals
 Sunday, June 26
11:30 AM-12:30 PM KML Picnic AT Principal Park
 Game & Silent Auction
1:05 PM Iowa Cubs Game
 rescheduled from June 5
 Saturday, July 2 9:00 AM Phillies vs. Mets  NOTE:  This WAS the 4 PM game!
ALL games  rescheduled 10:00 AM Brewers vs. Yankees
   from 5/14 11:00 AM  Red Sox vs. White Sox
 Dairy Queen Dilly Bar Day 12:00 PM noon Dodgers vs. Orioles
 1:00 PM A’s vs. Cardinals
2:00 PM Cubs vs. Twins
3:00 PM Marlins vs. Royals
Saturday, July 9  9:00 AM   Cubs vs. Marlins  NOTE:  This WAS the 4 PM game!
ALL games rescheduled  10:00 AM  Mets vs. Cardinals
   from 5/28  11:00 AM  Red Sox vs. Dodgers
 12:00 PM noon  Yankees vs. Twins
 1:00 PM  Brewers vs. A’s
 2:00 PM White Sox vs. Orioles
3:00 PM Royals vs. Phillies
  Saturday, July 23
   All Day (tentative)
 2nd Annual Wiffle Ball Tournament
 Saturday, August 27
 Fall Season Begins
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