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Whether you’re a player, a parent, a possible volunteer, a possible team sponsor, a donor/contributor, or just a baseball lover, we’re anxious to talk with you about the Kiwanis Miracle League at Principal Park.

You may leave a voice mail message for us at:
515-280-5017 (Kiwanis Miracle League telephone on site)

Or “like” us and follow us on Facebook!

We welcome your comments, suggestions, and your help! Kiwanis is a volunteer organization committed to “serving the children of the world” and we believe that “every child deserves a chance to play baseball.”

You can email us at:

And if you have an interest in one of our Kiwanis Miracle League board members speaking to your organization about the KML, please contact us.  We’d love to tell your group more about our League and how we are changing lives through the simple game of baseball!  Email or call us soon!

Or contact any of our Angel Directors listed on a separate page on this web site.

Or follow us on Facebook at  Be sure to “like” us too!

Want to become a member of Kiwanis?

There are multiple Kiwanis clubs around central Iowa–with one sure to fit your needs and busy schedule. Check out Des Moines Kiwanis at or visit to find a Kiwanis club in YOUR community.

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Our office location is:

Kiwanis Miracle League
505 5th Ave STE 302
Des Moines, IA 50309

Our ball park location is:

Kiwanis Miracle League at Principal Park
529 SW 5th Street
Des Moines, IA  50309

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  1. John Nelson


    I left a voice mail today about this. I would like to volunteer at some games as a clown to entertain during games. I am a member of Korn Patch Klowns and have been entertaining in central Iowa for more than 20 years at parades, festivals, and other community events. I would like to meet with you about the possibility of doing that this year. My cell number is (515) 238-9275.

  2. admingavin (Post author)

    Thanks for your kind offer. We’ll get back to you!

  3. j. frank

    Heya. Almost drove off the road as I lisented to your radio ad. In your ad you use the “R” word. I would direct you to a web site called. “Spread the Word to End the Word.” This website informs people about the world wide effort to end the use of the “R” word. Shame on you for using this horribly destructive word in an ad for an organization’s efforts to help people with mental disabilities. Come on now, you guys are so much better then this.

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